In Transit EP

by Western Medicine

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released July 31, 2012

Laurel Hoffman sings and plays keys
Rudy Gajadhar plays drums
David Audino plays bass
Adam MacKinnon plays guitar and sings

Recorded by Jackson Long at Hear Me Shimmer Studios in Seattle, WA.



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Western Medicine Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Viking Funeral
Seven days at sea can make one weak drifting in hunger, route unexplored. Cut the anchor. Collision will wake us up if land is so kind. Soaking up the vitamin D overdosed, hallucinating. The vikings had a funeral, a casket smoldered by horizons. Crash the landing beach of red sand. Overgrow the population. Putting on the uniform, a new beginning born is ending.
Track Name: Belly of the Beast
Shake it like an earth that’s quaking to settle up the long division or make a new denomination to burn a little house together. It’s the same in all, severing like a hand that is wiggling a sign. No giving in at all to the guest at the feast in the belly of the beast. Gluttoning and punnish thinking. A sacrilicious oven diet is wolfing like it’s on a mission of chewing up the ammunition. It’s the same in all, sickening on a vine that is withering and dying in the way for all. We got a beast in the west and it’s pounding on its chest and singing: “Love is only something to hate.” Proven with an opening mouth. “Life is just for picketing in.” The beast, they got it salivating.

The West is winning. I’ll be waiting. Soul is gonna last forever. You got a thought and shouldn’t think it. So chew it up, the allegation. It’s insane is all. Picketing with a sign that used to be shocking. It ain’t working at all in the East, in the West, and in the belly of the beast. We got a leprechaun cooking it up. The Loch, they gotta Nessie we feed. Wolf has got a table to bus. Everybodys got what they need.
Track Name: In Transit
The old ride sat in a heap at the edge of a lawn. We had a sentimental attachment that’s been gone and unattached. At the end of the rope is a bell that you ring to get a ton-plus hybrid/electric to stop moving. It’s pay as you leave. The old drunk mumbling out was attempting to sing. We took a left and he took a spill right down the drain. By the next stop he’d shaken it off and was back to his song. It had a hook with a dragging foot and a blindfold on. I exit at the next one. Now it’s safe to sing again and do some mumbling that I know into a whole aberration and I’ve got a thought that’s shaking. What was I thinking anyway? Why did we do this thing? It started out as a note that I wrote to myself and it read: “Go wide-eyed out of town to a place that can sing or get a whole lotta disappointed mouths to feed. If you think too long it’s a dream you’re gonna dream with a cane but if you get gone settle it down outside the drain.” “WEST!” said the compass & “drive until you run outta road.”
Track Name: Neverender
We skate the ninety nine into the waterfront. Into some disconnect, unplugging everything. If you make a sound we’ll pull your speaker out and listen to the wind. The sound of whispering is pounding deafening. It’s the border lion. At the speed of sound it’s taking everyone. We’ve got some news for you from in the disconnect regarding everything.
Track Name: Let's Get Skeptical
A wave from above rolling in is stuck in the undertow that takes medicine with a side effect all stagnant and motionless. We sang all the same. The notes were matching up. We’re saving the best for last. A note, we’ll get to it. The hum of the engine is on the last leg that’s limping to a beat that is skipping the whole point and note that is dragging out, making a line in the sand. A statue crumbling. A leak in the attic is on time for dripping a rythm. The state of the sky’s all we need to gloom out on everything and drink to the bottom of all of the bottles that get in the way. I’m rolling a note out to sea. It’s dodging the land like an old stray that’s well off alone in the cold night. We’re giving all we’re getting. A bottle to land, note to read… I ain’t down & this is the new high. We’re sinking to heights that ain’t low enough. We’ve gotten all we’re getting. We’ve got it all. You’re kidding?
Track Name: the Cruelest Thing
They lighten up. Helium/change of tone isn’t all it’s gonna take to make a change in this world. The actions speak. Meters peak. We’re in the red. Distortion said the cruelest thing. I won’t believe in this one. The flying thing was getting fed but wouldn’t eat. It lost its head and then a wing. The right was lead and couldn’t lead from a bed spit from the sky & left for dead. The cruelest thing is happening as we speak. Speaking of the cruelest thing, we’re in deep.