In Transit

from by Western Medicine



The old ride sat in a heap at the edge of a lawn. We had a sentimental attachment that’s been gone and unattached. At the end of the rope is a bell that you ring to get a ton-plus hybrid/electric to stop moving. It’s pay as you leave. The old drunk mumbling out was attempting to sing. We took a left and he took a spill right down the drain. By the next stop he’d shaken it off and was back to his song. It had a hook with a dragging foot and a blindfold on. I exit at the next one. Now it’s safe to sing again and do some mumbling that I know into a whole aberration and I’ve got a thought that’s shaking. What was I thinking anyway? Why did we do this thing? It started out as a note that I wrote to myself and it read: “Go wide-eyed out of town to a place that can sing or get a whole lotta disappointed mouths to feed. If you think too long it’s a dream you’re gonna dream with a cane but if you get gone settle it down outside the drain.” “WEST!” said the compass & “drive until you run outta road.”


from In Transit EP, released July 31, 2012



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