Let's Get Skeptical

from by Western Medicine



A wave from above rolling in is stuck in the undertow that takes medicine with a side effect all stagnant and motionless. We sang all the same. The notes were matching up. We’re saving the best for last. A note, we’ll get to it. The hum of the engine is on the last leg that’s limping to a beat that is skipping the whole point and note that is dragging out, making a line in the sand. A statue crumbling. A leak in the attic is on time for dripping a rythm. The state of the sky’s all we need to gloom out on everything and drink to the bottom of all of the bottles that get in the way. I’m rolling a note out to sea. It’s dodging the land like an old stray that’s well off alone in the cold night. We’re giving all we’re getting. A bottle to land, note to read… I ain’t down & this is the new high. We’re sinking to heights that ain’t low enough. We’ve gotten all we’re getting. We’ve got it all. You’re kidding?


from In Transit EP, released July 31, 2012



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Western Medicine Seattle, Washington

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